RP&O RR Track Plan

RP&O Statistics

S Scale 3/16”=1' 1:64     Layout Size 18'X 22'
NYC Main Line 110'- Code 137 SHS Track
RP&O Main Line 82'- Code 100 Tomalco & Miller Eng. Flex Track

Prototype: NYC with freelance short line
Location: Part of New York state and Mid Michigan.
Period: Loosely based on l937
Track Height: 44”to 56”
Construction: Styrofoam on steel stringers
Backdrop: from Backdrop Warehouse mounted on .06 styrene sheet
Fascia: Fascia is sceniced
Roadbed: Styrofoam and firm rubber
Turnouts: Scratch built on Fastracts jig with some commercial #8's.
Turnouts: Powered by Tortoise switch machines.
Turnout control: Toggle switches under fascia.
Reverse loops: Turnouts and power are fully automatic using DCC Specialties control.
Minimum radius: 40” NYC mainline, 36” RP&O.
Train Control: DCC - MRC prodigy wireless

NYC Main Line 110' (shown below)

Lower Level

RP&O RR Main Line 82' (shown below) - Code 100 Miller & Tomalco Flex Track
Turnouts #6 Frog - Hand made with Fasttracks Jig.

Upper Level